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4” Dredd on 14 count Black Aida, because he is the law, and released on blu-ray today *fistpump*

Seriously, watch it. I don’t know why it didn’t do better at the box office. It had Urban, zero Rob Schneider and the best use of 3D I’ve ever seen. Which is the only use, because I do not like 3D.

Back to the project. Holy Stomm, for such a simple idea, this was a pain in my arse. The first two drafts looked like a thumb in a helmet. Then I managed Desperate Dan cosplaying as Magneto. I finally nailed it with this simple pixelated version. Half a day’s work (were I not on struck down with the lurgy).

Pattern? I have to wait until Friday when David gets home to watch the movie :(

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I *love* this pincushion!! (now if only I knew my cats wouldn’t gnaw on it, I’d have to buy one)


freak pincushion by Happy Find on Flickr.

This totally looks like “humor” to me


Human Necklace!


Bright yellow silk thread + stormy dark fabric = win :)

(via 06.04.2011: Bright, Lemony Silk Blackwork « Blog Archive « Daily Inchie)

My first attempt to cross stitch on knitted fabric - all things considered, I think it worked pretty well!

(via 06.03.2011: It Doesn’t Have to be Pretty if I’m Learning, Right? « Blog Archive « Daily Inchie)

Beautiful embroidery!!

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The stitched detail on this guy is incredible! So pretty for a monster :)


This beautiful version of a monster from this book…LOVE! 

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I can’t get enough of these needlepainted birds! So pretty

(via The best needle-painting threads · Needlework News | CraftGossip.com)

Silk thread is so fun to stitch with! I love how this blackwork turned out :)

(via 06.02.2011: Cobblestone Blackwork Inchie « Blog Archive « Daily Inchie)

I definitely want to try this craft storage option - maybe even store little roving balls in each cup!


DIY :: Decorative Embellishment Stand - Retrospection

First there was the Green Lantern mug, and now there’s the Green Lantern needlepoint! (With a special appearance by the Green Lantern ring) (via 06.01.2011: Green Lantern Needlepoint « Blog Archive « Daily Inchie)

Such pretty embroidery! I could never put a drink on one, though - some things are just not meant to have Frappuccino stains!

I love this idea for organizing thread!



organize embroidery floss

This is such a nifty idea!