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I love good Vines so much. They remind me of how I felt watching Ask a Ninja and Lonelygirl15 in 2006.

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A baby wombat scurrying across the floor

If you are having a bad day, here is a baby wombat.

look at those tiny little feet!


Batkid Saves San Francisco

A boy’s wish to be Batman inspired thousands of volunteers to help turn the streets of San Francisco into Gotham City today.

Five-year-old Miles, aka Batkid, has been fighting Leukemia since he was a baby. The Make-a-Wish Foundation helped organize an entire day catered to the caped crusader. Miles, whose cancer is in remission, rode in a Batmobile, rescued a damsel in distress and helped police capture the Riddler and the Penguin. San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee even gave Miles a key to the city.

To see more of Miles’s day of crime-fighting adventure, follow @abc7newsbayarea on Instagram or check out the #sfbatkid hashtag


I’m not an artist, but I have more than a few friends who are, so I thought this might be a good thing to post. 



Guise! This is the BBC America version of the trailer for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary special: ‘The Day of the Doctor’ with exclusive new footage.

And from what we’ve heard about YouTubes, you’re allowed to watch it even if you’re not in America.

Subscribe to BBCAmerica on YouTube for more Doctor Who videos like this one.


50 Days of Doctor Who 50th Challenge

November 09: Plot twist: name a time you totally didn’t see that coming.


It can’t be!

No! Definitely not. No.”

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Welcome to Night Vale, free cross stitch patterns.

I love all of these and there will probably be more free Night Vale in the future…let me know what you want to see.

Here on Craftsy: http://www.craftsy.com/user/1532848/pattern-store

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I missed making my list last week, but I’m back on the wagon! Today we are taking time-wasters:

As you can probably tell from my list, I’m not interpreting this prompt as ” things that are such a waste of time”, but rather a list of the things I like to do that don’t have direct monetary value. Since I have both a full time job and a full time business, I could spend every waking minute working and still have more to do. I’ve found that “wasting time” is extremely valuable for my mental health. All work and no play makes Liz a little homicidal, after all!

What are your favorite time wasters? Leave me a comment and let me know! 

Show the world we want a phone worth keeping! #phonebloks


It’s Stash Enhancement Thursday, which means it’s time to boost your stash with this week’s special: Petite Manzanita Silk Palettes are 40% off!.

This Palette includes the eight colorways in the Petite Manzanita set (one variegated and seven semi-solids). Use some of the darker colorways to stitch that last Christmas ornament, and the paler colorways to get a jump start on your Spring-time stitching. These also make great stocking stuffers!

Come on over to the shop and grab a Palette for yourself - this week’s special can be purchased in 5, 10, 25 or 50 yard skeins by following the directions on the special page.


Just spotted this Mini in central Texas. WINNING!

If my Mini was not a convertible, I would seriously consider doing something like this

Asker shiarempress Asks:
Today in my boxing class we had to do a lot of arrow crunches, and now my friend and I are convinced it's the only workout Hawkeye does. Care to confirm or deny?
spunthread spunthread Said:


ONE comic book bow and arrow guy works out. and one does NOT.

guess which is which






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